Concrete Days 2008: The model of cooperation between science and business

- It is necessary to treat ready-mix concrete as a construction product. We conduct operations that will allow for rapid deployment of this solution to the Polish law - said Olgierd Dziekoński, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, at the opening of the fifth conference Concrete Days that from 13 to 15 October held at the Gołębiewski in Wisla. The conference was attended a record number of 742 participants from the world of science and business. - It is difficult to use another term: the conference was great - summed prof. Lech Czarnecki.

Concrete Days Conference beginnings date back 2000 years. Then in Krakow Polish Cement Association organized a conference on "Concrete on the eve of the new millennium." The second conference was held in Szczyrk, and another at the Gołębiewski in Wisla.
- In 2000, we did not expect that this conference will be called Concrete Days will be held every two years and attracts so many papers, presenters and participants. We see a very dynamic development of these meetings - said Andrzej Balcerek, President of the Association of Cement Producers. - When we started conferences, we wanted to promote concrete in any form: ready-mixed concrete, pavers, tile, concrete used to build highways, concrete for the construction of airfields. We wanted our conferences on the one hand, they were practitioners companies producing concrete, investors, contractors, on the other hand - a science. I am very glad that there was a concrete day deep integration of these two spheres. Thanks to their interpenetration created a lot of interesting studies that promote concrete and improve its quality

Andrzej Balcerek, chairman of the Polish Cement Association at the opening of the conference

Prof. Jan Deja, director of the Office Cement Association, reported that "the number of the day is 742". - So many people have confirmed their participation in the conference Days of Concrete 2008. The development of this event confirms our thoughts that such projects are a good opportunity to meet the entire environment of concrete - said prof. Deja.
On behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure conference Deputy Minister Olgierd Dziekoński opened.
- Minister of Infrastructure, sending me here, wanted to point out how important is the production of concrete products for construction. The value of construction output in 2007 reached 150 billion, and the value of the production of concrete - 9.5 billion PLN. I think that the growth in the construction industry at 15% per annum this year will be maintained. The problem of the construction market is not only a problem of quantity, but also quality. Therefore, it would be necessary treatment of ready-mix concrete as a construction product. We conduct operations that will allow for rapid deployment of this solution to the Polish law - Dziekoński minister added.

Olgierd Dziekoński


Tomasz Rudnicki, Deputy Director of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, in a letter to the organizers of Days of Concrete announced that the technology in the construction of paved roads will be treated on a par with the technology of bitumen, which, inter alia, evidenced by her choice in the construction of 105 km of the A2 motorway New Tomyśl - Świecko.
According to Professor. Wojciech Radomski of the Polish Academy of Sciences Concrete Days conference is an example of a well-conceived cooperation between science, industry and business. - We bow our heads before the Cement Manufacturers Association, which understands that being competitive in the market resulted from the expansion and propagation of knowledge. This conference is a model example of how the world of science can be drawn into the economy - said prof. Radomski.
Andrew Balcerek the Cement Manufacturers Association pointed out at the opening of the conference that even 27 years ago cement production reached 870 million tons, and in 2007 it was already 2.6 billion tonnes, of which in Poland about 17 million tonnes. He said that there are serious problems that may affect the cement industry and which have not yet been resolved.
- Follow with concern the situation in the financial markets. The production of 20 million tonnes is to be achieved by our cement industry in a few years. As we deal cement producers, but we also have some problems, the biggest of which is the problem of CO2 emissions. If we have to buy permits to emit carbon dioxide, is at the amount of 20 euros for allowing 77% of the production of clinker in Polish will be replaced imported clinker. A similar situation applies to all producers in the European Union. At a price of 35 euros for a permit from Europe clinker production disappears - Andrew Balcerek alert.

Fifth Conference of Concrete Days patrons Minister of Infrastructure Section of Concrete Structures and Materials Engineering Section Construction and Building Physics Committee of Civil Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

During the conference, Concrete Days 2008 organizers have used cutting-edge audio-visual technology

The conference was also their partners, among which included 11 companies: BASF, Braas, Schomburg, Sika, Chryso, Mixed Concrete Producers Association, Consolis, Stowarzyszenie Producentów Kostki Brukowej, Junjin, Zakłady Betonowe International and Arcen. Joined by another 23 companies who presented their offer on the stands in the premises adjacent to the conference room.
The meeting came to the Wisła guests from the Polish, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, the United States, France and Ukraine.
The conference organizers have used for presentations and shows the latest audio-visual techniques.
At V Days Concrete reported about 100 papers, and 38 of them were presented during the seven thematic sessions consecutively:
I Plenary Session
II New Generation Concrete
III Concrete Durability
IV Concrete commodity
V Concrete in architecture. Concrete in precast
VI Concrete in transport infrastructure and municipal
VII repair of concrete structures. Law and standardization
During the plenary session their papers were delivered: prof. Jacques Lukasik "initiatives in the framework of sustainable development and climate protection in cement and concrete", prof. Andrew Ajdukiewicz "Concrete climbs into the sky", prof. Jan Biliszczuk and Wojciech Barcik "Technological aspects of the construction of concrete bridges" and Philippe Ortega, "The role of additives in sustainable concrete construction."
- Concrete is a great opportunity for new construction high-rise buildings, and the chance was successfully adopted by major design units - said prof. Ajdukiewicz, showing that the barrier of 1000 meters high in the construction industry will soon be defeated in Qatar and Dubai. Prof. Ajdukiewicz also informed about the project in Dubai City Center with a height of 2,400 meters and braided spiral-like structure of DNA chains.
The titles of all papers are available on the website www.dnibetonu.p

At the end of the first day of the conference, at dinner time, the company held a demonstration Basf concrete using concrete additives


Days Concrete is not just paper presentations and discussion at the conference hall, a much broader spectrum of events.
The first day of the conference ended with a regional board, which was not only a culinary event. The participants in the fresh air could watch the live demonstration of reinforced concrete two plates: one mixed concrete poured, and the other to the SCC, created using chemical additives Basf: superplastyfier and modifier. The first concrete decomposed three employees, compacting it further vibrator. Incorporation of concrete to the second plate controls one employee. Viewers can watch the concreting time and compare the costs of both operations.
- The presentation was planned as a kind of show. Few people know about it, we wanted to carry her by surprise. Was planned as a complement to the conference, which should include not only lectures on theory, but also practical demonstrations. It was a demonstration of how concrete develops, how it affects the chemistry building, and we can thus be achieved. Objective achieved, and we want to introduce similar demonstrations as the traditions of the next conference. And our common idea of ​​the organizers was that the conference was palpably something to do with concrete to showed which way this industry is going - Przemyslaw Gemel explained with Basf Poland.
According to Mariusz Saferny of fi RMY Betotech, the show was very useful. - In addition to the papers had to deal with something practical, tangible. Many participants would live to see the concreting even during dinner - said Mariusz Saferna.
The second part of the regional dinner auction filled five work done by students of architecture and sculpture during the Workshop Concrete. During the workshop, which was organized by the Association of Cement Producers in September. in Krakow, students had to design their vision of "last seat" and execute it using 0.5 cubic meter of ready-mixed concrete. Bidding aroused strong emotions of the participants.

During the Days of Concrete was the premiere of two books published by the Association of Cement (SPC).


During the second day of the conference, premiered three books. The first, titled "Beton przyjazny środowisku" edited by Dr. Eng. Zdzislaw Kohutka, issued Mixed Concrete Producers Association. This publication is useful for investors, concrete producers, employees and managers of the factory.
Two more books prepared release Cement Association: "Cementy wieloskładnikowe w budownictwie" developed by Slawomir Chłądzyński and Albin Garbacik and "Betony ultrawysokowartościowe" by Józef Jasiczak, Agnieszka Wdowska and Tomasz Rudnicki.
Building Research Institute officially presented the first certificate of factory production control concrete, which received company Cemex Poland.

Oscars 2008 Winners of Concrete (from left): Janusz Szwabowski, Antoni Szydło, Edward Marcinków


The second day of the conference ended with a gala dinner, which was presented so. Oscars Concrete, Concrete Days or awards. He admits it since 2004 panel of the winners of the Awards Days of Concrete. This year's Oscars Concrete received:
1. MSc. Edward Marcinków - owner of fi RMY Most-Mar, who has completed more than 400 bridges
2. prof. Janusz Szwabowski, Silesian University of Technology - an authority in the field of fabrication and rheology
3. prof. Antoni Szydło, Wroclaw University of Technology - known for numerous publications, research, reports and projects for the construction of roads and airports
The artistic part of the evening filled with live bands Boba Jazz Band and The Omen Band.

Around the conference room, on a specially prepared exhibition, presented its offer 34 companies


On the last day, there were two sessions. It came time to take the conference.
Witold Kozlowski, CEO of Mixed Concrete Producers Association: - I was at the previous conferences Days concrete, but that's what we do this year is impressive - more than 700 participants. For this group of approximately 70% of the people associated with the industry. Complements our scientific community. Besides the conference I noticed a very large group of young people. Fill almost all places in the boardroom indicates that the lectures very interested participants. Following is a discussion sessions, asking these questions from the audience. In my opinion, a lot of the topics presented practical - the new cements, their use, new technologies, new chemicals for concrete - are topics that help plant managers and employees of companies producing concrete meet the requirements of the construction, investors, architects and construction fi rm.

prof. Lech Czarnecki, Warsaw University of Technology: The growth of the conference, even ahead of the dynamics of the industry. The conference was not only a good response to the expectations of the community building, but even exceeded those expectations. It is difficult to use another term: the conference was great. Technical sciences make sense if they are addressed to the contractor. This is particularly important in the construction industry. Such meetings are scientists on the one hand an opportunity to transfer knowledge, but in conversations or discussions are an opportunity to unofficial new inspiration. There is a saying "build on the knowledge." With regard to construction, it makes sense Direct building is based on knowledge. Comply with this requirement in a way that is close to perfection Concrete Days conference - I'm sure.
Jacek Blonski, Chryso Poland: - For the third time our fi rma took part in the Days of Concrete. This year we decided to join the conference as partners. I'm surprised resound what caused environmental conference. We believe that we need to educate and we should educate our clients to teach them the use of admixtures and cement. Emphasis on technology, which was placed at the conference is part of our mission - to educate and show how to produce a full-fledged product.
prof. Jan Deja, Cement Manufacturers Association: - People felt that the initiative, which was established eight years ago, it makes sense, it is necessary that the conference will be a platform for exchanging ideas of people every day dealing with concrete technology and those who work on it in a way that in-depth research. In addition, this year we noticed that the conference began to be interested in the central government - the Ministry of Infrastructure - it makes us very happy. I observe, too, that there was a generational change among the participants of the conference. Twenties there were people who are young engineers meet with scientific authorities in the field of concrete, prominent theorists, discuss with them. For us as organizers, is a great signal.
As many as 34 companies presented at the exhibition accompanying the conference. This is a very animates the whole event. Following the crowds of people who live in these stands are discussing.
The Program Council, we have gathered together outstanding scientists and personalities from the world of business - the foundations of the success of this conference.

The artistic part of the gala dinner filled with live bands Boba Jazz Band and The Omen Band

prof. Lech Czarnecki, Warsaw University: - The next conference should increasingly serve shaping the future. Not only is the summary of the state of knowledge and technology, but also a bold showing the future in this area. Until recently, the topic that appeared in this year, as concrete purifies the air, could be considered to be crazy or seditious. Future conference can bring us the answer to the question whether all external surfaces of concrete surfaces should be cleansing the air. I think even futurological demands should be boldly displayed on the day of Concrete. Sailor who does not know the port of destination, always err, and this conference should be a lighthouse Polish construction industry.

prof. Andrzej Ajdukiewicz, Silesian University of Technology: Every two years, the Programme Council modi fi cations introduced. We will reflect on the formula of the conference, because it is not good that we accept 100 papers, and only 40 are presented. May introduce parallel sessions. But this approach has been criticized people who can not be in two sessions at the same time. Maybe we organize plenary sessions for topics bulky, and of contributing to the topics of parallel sessions 2-3 filaments. Contributing works only sometimes seem laboratory work, but as a result provide a new class of concrete, new applications.
Krzysztof Kocik, Dyckerhoff Poland: - I think we should listen to the voices of the industry, the needs of practitioners. Check what is most relevant to them and direct inquiries to learn to be able to support them and help solve problems. This should be in the future Concrete Days.
Andrew Balcerek, chairman of the Cement Association: - With completion of the conference, I am very pleased, and the sixth conference, to which you are cordially invited, will be held on 11-13 of October 2010. And it will be even better.

Piotr Piestrzyński